Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Case (Live Break) So Stop by...

Picked up this case for $570 last week it was going for $680 this morning from the site I bought from but I think now its sold out.

Box 1
Variation: Ozzie Smith
Black: Everth Cabrera
Jersey: Phil Hughes & Pablo Sandoval #/99(Redemption)
Auto: Matt Tolbert
Red Hot: #6

Hughes came in the first pack so that got me pumped to start. A little disappointed about the redemption jersey.

Box 2
Printing Plate: Jeremy Hermida
Auto: Chad Billingsley
Hat Patch: Frank Thomas

Boring Box for me missing a few things I thought every jumbo box would contain.

Box 3
Auto: Jason Bartlett
Hat Patch: Carlos Delgdo & Andy Pettitte
Jersey: CC Sabathia
Red Hot: #10

New York state of mind box but come on Carlos Delgado? Don't get me wrong Carlos is a nice guy he used to come into my restaurant but this set doesn't fit. The Pettitte look sweet.

Box 4
Auto: Dallas Braden
Hat Patch: Max Scherzer
Jersey: Ryan Dempster & Mark Teixeira
Variation: Thurman Munson

That Munson variation is very cool

Box 5

Box 6

Kind of disappointed with the break was expecting much more.


  1. Yeah, you ARE a Yankee fan right? Haha, great pulls, that Munson is sweet!

  2. I'd be interested in the Tolbert & Hardy. (kinda sounds like a comedy team)

  3. If the Dan Haren relic is for trade Im interested, send me an email if its available