Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Case (Live Break) So Stop by...

Picked up this case for $570 last week it was going for $680 this morning from the site I bought from but I think now its sold out.

Box 1
Variation: Ozzie Smith
Black: Everth Cabrera
Jersey: Phil Hughes & Pablo Sandoval #/99(Redemption)
Auto: Matt Tolbert
Red Hot: #6

Hughes came in the first pack so that got me pumped to start. A little disappointed about the redemption jersey.

Box 2
Printing Plate: Jeremy Hermida
Auto: Chad Billingsley
Hat Patch: Frank Thomas

Boring Box for me missing a few things I thought every jumbo box would contain.

Box 3
Auto: Jason Bartlett
Hat Patch: Carlos Delgdo & Andy Pettitte
Jersey: CC Sabathia
Red Hot: #10

New York state of mind box but come on Carlos Delgado? Don't get me wrong Carlos is a nice guy he used to come into my restaurant but this set doesn't fit. The Pettitte look sweet.

Box 4
Auto: Dallas Braden
Hat Patch: Max Scherzer
Jersey: Ryan Dempster & Mark Teixeira
Variation: Thurman Munson

That Munson variation is very cool

Box 5

Box 6

Kind of disappointed with the break was expecting much more.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Bowman = A bunch of Idiots working at Topps

So I was looking through my Yankees cards and came across a 2009 Bowman Chrome Brian Baisley card and one of his in the 2010 set. Both say 1st Bowman Chrome card. Does Topps take us for Idiots?

I know they currently have a monopoly but come on. Hes not even a prospect anymore he was released by the Yankees in spring training. Topps should be ashamed of themselves.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Been Busy

I have been extremely busy with work this week. I worked about 72 hours over the last 6 days. It sucks very much. I really haven't got to sort through Bowman much or have time for a review. I did want to let you guys know I recently completed 2 trades.

1. On Card Autos

2. Drews Cards

Monday, May 17, 2010

Phil Hughes Additions

So Phil Hughes is pitching tonight and looking for his 6th win of the year. I have recently added 5 beautiful Hughes cards.

The top 3 cards I picked up on EBay. The Topps T206 was redemption I got back in the mail. The bottom card was also an eBay pickup and is a artist proof #/10.... Thanks for checking out my collection Lets Go Yanks!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gave 2010 Bowman Another Chance an pulled this......

Went to the card show in White Plains this afternoon and bought 2 boxes of 2010 Bowman Hobby to try my luck and did pretty well. (at least with 1 major hit)

Never pulled a Superfractor before

Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Bowman 4 Jumbo Box Break: Major Anticipation to be Majorly Disappointed

Product: 2010 Bowman
Boxes: 4 Jumbo Box
Packs: 12 Packs / 12 Pcks
Cards: 32 per pack
Price: $125-144 per Box

Box 1 Jumbo
Bowman Pros Orange: 2
Bowman Prospect Blue: 2
Bowman Chrome Pros Ref: 2
Bowman Chrome Team USA: 2
Bowman Chrome Team USA Ref: 1
Bowman Chrome Team USA Blue Ref: 1
Connor Mason #/250
Bowman Chrome Team USA Orange Ref: 1
Sean Coyle #25
Bowman Chrome Pros Blue Ref Auto: 1
Felix Doubront #/150
Future Game Jersey: 1
Tyler Flowers #/99

Box 2 Jumbo
Bowman Pros Orange: 1
Bowman Prospect Blue: 1
Bowman Chrome Pros Ref: 1
Bowman Chrome Pros Blue Ref: 3
Dustin Ackley, Jhan Martinez, Pedro Ciriaco
Bowman Chrome Team USA: 3
Bowman Chrome Team USA Ref: 1
Bowman Chrome Pros Auto: 2
Jefry Marte & Grant Green
Bowman Chrome RC Auto: 1
Daniel Hudson

Box 3 Jumbo
Bowman Prospect Blue: 1
Bowman Chrome Pros Ref: 2
Bowman Chrome Team USA: 3
Bowman Chrome Team USA Ref: 1
Bowman Chrome Pros Ref Auto Redemption: 1
Craig Clark
Bowman Chrome RC Auto Redemption: 1
Michael Brantley

Box 4 Jumbo
Bowman Pros Orange: 2
Bowman Prospect Blue: 2
Bowman Chrome Pros Ref: 2
Bowman Chrome Team USA: 2
Bowman Chrome Team USA Ref: 2
Bowman Chrome Pros Auto: 2
Jefry Marte & Grant Green
Bowman Chrome Pros Auto: 1
Felix Doubront
Bowman Chrome RC Auto Blue Ref: 1
Eric Hacker #/250
Bowman Chrome Pros Auto Redemption: 1
Jaff Decker
Future Game Jersey: 1
Alcides Escobar

Overall Review: Coming Soon

Friday, May 14, 2010

4 Boxes of 2010 Bowman Jumbo Showed up at my door today... What a Disappoinment....

Just opened 4 boxes of Jumbo should have pulled 12 Autos but instead I pulled 6 Autos & 3 Redemptions. Not to happy.... Need to write a nice letter to Topps.. Off to the Yankees game full review coming soon...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upcoming Release: 2010 Bowman

The excitement builds as 2010 Bowman is scheduled to be released a week from today. This could be the most hyped Bowman product in years. The major draw is that this product contains Stephen Strasburg first MLB Auto. It also contain Autos from top prospects Dustin Ackley, Donavan Tate, and Phillippe Aumont. It also now has triple relic cards from the futures game that are #/99. I kind of find it strange after looking at the sell sheet that the Bowman Prospect cards won't come in gold & there won't be any Xfractors. Will you miss the Xfractors?

My plan is to at least get a Hobby & Jumbo Box of this. My major goal is to figure out how I can get my hands on entire case of Jumbo. Will see because its a little pricey at about $1000 for an 8 box case. I have read on some forums that Strats Auto may fall at 3 per Jumbo case so it would take to much to get your loot back.

Sell Sheet from Blowout
Checklist from Blowout

Monday, May 3, 2010

National Chicle Contest Winner is.....

And the winner is Covered in Wrappers from A Cardboard Problem. She was the closest guess without going over. She gets her choice of the Brantley or Walker Autos I pulled plus the dupes from a team of her choice. Shoot me an email with your address and the team you would like and I'll shoot the cards to you ASAP. Thanks to everyone who entered.

The Final Breakdown for 2010 Topps National Chicle
Set: 275 of 275 (100%)
SP: 12
Dupes: 66

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taking a Look at the Collection: Robinson Cano

One of the hottest players in Baseball right now is Robinson Cano. I currently have a really nice 145 card collection of him. I don't have any of his Autos but do hold 7 of his game used cards some of which I know Drew will be jealous of. I can't decide which of my cards are my favorite its a toss up with the 2007 Artifacts Jersey #/199 & 2009 Ticket to Stardom Dual Jersey Ticket card. Its looking right now that Cano can be an MVP & Gold Glove winner this year.

Don't forget about my Contest only a few more hours left....