Friday, March 26, 2010

Baseball Fever!!!

The Baseball season is just about upon us. I have recently caught the fever between watching 30 Teams in 30 Days on the MLB network to participating in 3 Fantasy Drafts in the last few weeks. I'm also extremely pumped for Phil Hughes being named the Yankees 5th starter he is finally going to get a chance. Last week to kick off my Baseball fever I purchased an 11 game pack of tickets to the Yanks. The first game is Monday May 3rd against the O's. Now for some even more exciting news. On Sunday morning I'm flying out to Vegas for 3 days then driving to Phoenix for 3 days. In addition to be happy that I'll be away from work for 10 days (I hope they don't call me to much). I will be attending 2 games the first is a Texas Rangers at Cincinnati Reds game on Thursday @ Goodyear Ballpark. I got the tickets off Stub Hub for dirt cheap ($8) only a few rows behind the first base dugout. The second game is at one my favorite ballparks Chase Field. On Friday night I will be attending the Chicago Cubs at Arizona Diamondbacks. Not sure where the seats are just yet a friend got them for me through a client for free. Last time they got me tickets for the D-back was back in 98 and they weren't to far behind the First base dugout so will see. I'm going to try to post some photos while I'm away. The day I come back is opening night Yankees vs Red Sox it don't get better then this. Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Phil Hughes Additions!!!

Recently I purchased 2 really nice Hughes cards off Ebay that I needed. The first card is a 2007 Bowman Black Printing Plate 1 of 1. This is me 3rd printing plate of Hughes I hope to pick up some more soon. My 2nd purchase 2008 UD Premier Quad Jersey/Auto Inscribed #05/10. This card is a beauty and one of my Top 10 cards in my Hughes collection. A third card added to my collection is via Chris over @ On Card Autos. Its a 2007 Elements rookie card #/550. Thanks Chris your card will be on its way very soon. Hughes is looking pretty good this Spring there is a very good chance that he'll be the 5th starter for the Yankees.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

13 1/2 months and Chris Perez Shows up in my Mailbox

I bought a box 2008 Stadium Club when it first came out and pulled a Chris Perez redemption. I submitted for redemption on January 25th 2009 and it finally showed up today. They had asked me if I wanted a replacement for the card about 6 months ago and I said yes but they never sent a replacement I thought they forgot about me. But there in the mailbox it was. Its a really nice on card auto. He is currently a reliever in the Indians organization. I wonder what took so long to get this card produced?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Upper Deck response in regards to 2009 Signature Stars Box Break

So Upper Deck responded to my letter sending me 3 junkie cards and this letter.

You can see my original post right here.
The response is very vague and only discusses the shorted inserts. It does not discuss anywhere about all the dupes or all the USA cards.

These are the 3 cards they sent me for my trouble.

I think I wasted my time writing them a letter what you think?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Trade w/ garvey cey russell lopes

Recently I completed a trade with garvey cey russell lopes blog. I sent him a whole bunch of Dodgers cards. In return he sent me a nice stack of Yanks. If I wasn't so lazy I'd scan more but for now I'd just like to show off this Andy Pettitte 2009 SP legendary cuts game used jersey card. I had been looking for this card on EBAY in the past so this is great addition... Thanks.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Super Collector? w/ Poll

So what makes a super collector? Before I started collecting Phil Hughes heavily I collected Yankees prospect J. Brent Cox a 2nd round pick by the Yankees in the 2005 draft. So my question is what makes a super collector? Is there a certain percentage of cards that are made of a player you must own? Do you need Auto, Jersey & Base? Do you need to own multiples of each card? Can there be more then one super collector of single player? I consider myself to be a super collector of both Hughes & Cox. What you think? See stats below.... Don't forget to Vote at the bottom.

Phil Hughes
% Owned (-1/1): 197/660 (29%) + 2(1/1)
Base: 74
Parallel/Insert: 48
Jersey: 17
Auto: 35
Patch: 11
Jersey or Patch/Auto: 16
#1: 2 Printing Plates from 2009 Goodwin
#2: 2007 Sweet Spot Auto Dual w/Felix Hernandez #/15
#3: 2005 Topps Chrome Red Xfractor #/65
#4: 2008 SP Authentic Dual Sig w/ Derek Jeter #/25
#5: 2007 UD Black Triple Auto w/Miller & Perkins #/5
Pics of Hughes Cards

Brent Cox
% Owned (-1/1): 50/68 (73%)+ 7 (1/1)
Jersey or Patch/Auto:32
#1: 2 Printing Plates 2006 Bowman Chrome Auto
#2: 2006 Bowman Originals Auto #/3
#3: 2006 Bowman Originals Auto #/1
#4: Owning 7 2006 Bowman Chrome Orange Auto Refractors #/25
#5: 2005 Topps RC Cup Dual Auto w/ Tom Seaver
Pics of Cox Cards


(Wife not so Happy)

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage Live 3 Box Break w/ Auto & Stamp Hit

Product: 2010 Topps Heritage
Boxes: 3 Boxes
Packs: 24 Packs
Cards: 8 per pack
Price: $70 per Box

Box 1
1961 Buyback: 1 (Marty Keough)
AD Panel: 1 (Braves)
Short Prints: 8
New Age Performers: 2
Then & Now: 1
Flashbacks: 4
Dice Game: 1 (Ichiro)
Ruth Chase: 6
Chrome: 5
Chrome Refractor: 1 (Markakis)
Jersey: 1 (Brandon Webb)

Box 2
AD Panel: 1 (A's)
Short Prints: 7
New Age Performers: 1
Then & Now: 2
Flashbacks: 4
Dice Game: 1 (Upton)
Ruth Chase: 6
Chrome: 4
Chrome Refractor: 1 (Santana)
Real One Auto: 1 (Billy Harrell)
Stamps: 1 (Crawford & Dempster #36/50)

Box 3
AD Panel: 1 (Angels)
Short Prints: 8
New Age Performers: 2
Then & Now: 1
Flashbacks: 4
Ruth Chase: 6
Chrome: 5
Chrome Refractor: 1 (Uggla)
Jersey: 1 (Crede)

Base Set 304/425 = 72%
Short Prints 23/75 = 30%

Review coming tomorrow....