Sunday, March 7, 2010

Super Collector? w/ Poll

So what makes a super collector? Before I started collecting Phil Hughes heavily I collected Yankees prospect J. Brent Cox a 2nd round pick by the Yankees in the 2005 draft. So my question is what makes a super collector? Is there a certain percentage of cards that are made of a player you must own? Do you need Auto, Jersey & Base? Do you need to own multiples of each card? Can there be more then one super collector of single player? I consider myself to be a super collector of both Hughes & Cox. What you think? See stats below.... Don't forget to Vote at the bottom.

Phil Hughes
% Owned (-1/1): 197/660 (29%) + 2(1/1)
Base: 74
Parallel/Insert: 48
Jersey: 17
Auto: 35
Patch: 11
Jersey or Patch/Auto: 16
#1: 2 Printing Plates from 2009 Goodwin
#2: 2007 Sweet Spot Auto Dual w/Felix Hernandez #/15
#3: 2005 Topps Chrome Red Xfractor #/65
#4: 2008 SP Authentic Dual Sig w/ Derek Jeter #/25
#5: 2007 UD Black Triple Auto w/Miller & Perkins #/5
Pics of Hughes Cards

Brent Cox
% Owned (-1/1): 50/68 (73%)+ 7 (1/1)
Jersey or Patch/Auto:32
#1: 2 Printing Plates 2006 Bowman Chrome Auto
#2: 2006 Bowman Originals Auto #/3
#3: 2006 Bowman Originals Auto #/1
#4: Owning 7 2006 Bowman Chrome Orange Auto Refractors #/25
#5: 2005 Topps RC Cup Dual Auto w/ Tom Seaver
Pics of Cox Cards


(Wife not so Happy)


  1. I think for there's a jump from simply collector to super collector, though I'm not sure you can literally measure it. Like I'd call myself a super collector of Fred McGriff, but I'd also call myself a super collector of Seneca Wallace, who I currently only have one card of. I think it's part numbers and part how you think of your collection, if that makes sense.

  2. Incredible collection! I'd love it if you took a look at a new project I just kicked off with a friend of mine where we open packs of cards and give them all away. I'll keep an eye out for Phil Hughes and try to give you a heads up. If you comment that you want a card we send it in the mail to you!

  3. Interesting topic, I look at it this way, out of the four players I collect; Nomar, Samardzija, Dan Haren, and Roger Maris, I only view myself as a super collector of Samardzija and Nomar because I try to be as complete as I can with those 2 collections, for example, if I see a Shark or Nomar card I dont have, I must own it, but with Haren or Maris its different, I only collect certain cards I like of those two players, like with Maris, I only collect vintage cards from his playing days and very rare relics. I dont conisder myself a supercollector of Haren and Maris, but I do consider myself a Maris and Haren fan.

    Those two collections look great, check out my blog and think about entering my contest about supercollections! Thanks