Friday, March 12, 2010

Upper Deck response in regards to 2009 Signature Stars Box Break

So Upper Deck responded to my letter sending me 3 junkie cards and this letter.

You can see my original post right here.
The response is very vague and only discusses the shorted inserts. It does not discuss anywhere about all the dupes or all the USA cards.

These are the 3 cards they sent me for my trouble.

I think I wasted my time writing them a letter what you think?


  1. I like how you specifically complained about the crappy USA cards and yet UD still sends you a USA relic...and some people wonder why UD doesn't have a license....

  2. The phrasing of the letter seems odd. sorta soft defense. like "we effed up and we can't fix it, but we care.
    The bill hall speaks to me...If for trade, hit me up with what you would like for it.

  3. I love that You didnt want USA cards, and they send you one! Cant make this stuff up....

  4. Sounds like you need to find the email address of someone fairly high-ranking at Upper Deck, and drop an email carpet bomb on them. I would be pissed beyond pissed if they tried to appease me with that crap!

  5. Nah you didn't waste time writing that letter. It's always worth taking the time to let the company know. I appreciate the fact that they at least got back to you and tried to make it right.