Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 Topps National Chicle Dual Box Break with Contest!!!!

Product: 2010 Topps National Chicle
Boxes: 2
Packs: 24
Cards: 8 per pack
Price: $88 per Box (Includes Shipping)

Box 1
Chicle Variation Back: 7
Bazooka Variation Back: 4
Autos: 2 (Neil Walker / Koji Uehara)
Jersey Black Back Variation: 1 (Sandoval #/25)
Cabinet Card: 1 (Walter Johnson)

Box 2
Chicle Variation Back: 6
Bazooka Variation Back: 3
Black Back Variation: 1 (Sabathia #/25)
Autos: 2 (Pablo Sandoval / Michael Brantley)
Pants: 1 (Teixeira)
Cabinet Card: 1 (Nolan Ryan)

Review: Some of the art in this product is awesome and other cards are horrible. I think I did ok but not $176 worth. Nice box if your a Sandoval fan. There are way to many back variation for me I 'd rather the variation be on the front. I hate having to flip a card to find out if it different. I don't think I'll buy another box of this product I'm just looking forward to the Bowman release in a few weeks.

Contest: I will give 1 reader there choice of the Brantley or Walker Autos + whatever dupes I get of there team of choice. All you have to do is guess how many dupes I got out of the 2 boxes with out going over. Only open to US residents contest ends Monday.

I think the Beckham on the Left & Stoner on the Right really suck

Another Hughes to the collection.