Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Investing in Cards: Ricky Romero

In high school I was very interested in the Stock Market I thought I wanted to be a stock broker. I was even in a club called the Stock Market and I won there yearly annual award twice. Everyone I spoke to told me not to go into that field so I didn't. Now I invest in the card market. I have had successes and some failures. My current investment is Ricky Romero who last week when I was watching his game against the White Sox he pitched a No-hitter into the 8th inning. So I searched Ebay for some of his cards. I bought 3 of his 2009 Topps Chrome Autos for $7.25 each. These cards look great as they are on card Autos. I thought this was pretty good deal. He currently has a 1-1 record and has looked extremely good in his starts. My investment goal is to sell them for over $20 each by seasons end. Do you think that's possible? Have you made a card investment before?

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  1. Too early to tell how much youre gonna get for em, but he does have a nice signature! Well I made a big investment in David Price rookies, nothing really came out of that so far....