Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 Boxes of 2010 Upper Deck Review

Product: 2010 Upper Deck Series 1
Boxes: 2
Packs: 16
Cards: 20 per pack
Price: $68 per Box (Includes Shipping)

Box 1
Biography: 32
Game Jersey: 16
Portraits: 4
Pure Heat: 3
Celebrity Predictors: 3
All World: 2
Joe D: 1
Baseball Heroes 20th: 2
Signature Sensations: 1 (Clay Buchholz)

Box 2
Biography: 32
Game Jersey: 2
Game Patch: 1 (Fernado Rodney #20/25)
Portraits: 4
Portraits Gold: 1 (Torii Hunter #59/99)
Pure Heat: 3
Celebrity Predictors:2
All World: 3
Joe D: 2
Baseball Heroes 20th: 1
Signature Sensations: 1 (Brian Bixler)

Set: 355 of 600 - 59%
Dupes: 129

Review: For not having an MLB license this is a great product much better then any other company without a license has put together. The photography on the base cards is excellent and there is a huge variety of players in this set. I would think you would need to buy 4-5 boxes to complete this set. I can't be 100% sure about this because the hot box shorted me about 40 base cards but it was worth pulling all those jerseys. The one thing that totally has me befuddled is the Portrait Torri Hunter #/99 when you look at the card its the same as the other I don't why they would number it as a parallel. Autos I pulled were a little weak but its low end product so its expected. Since I have bought these boxes the prices have dropped down $60 which is decent but I would say this is a great buy at $50 which should come pretty soon. Most of these cards are not for trade as I have posted them on Ebay.. (Sorry)

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  1. So hot boxes actually do exist eh? I was wondering if that was a typo. Must have been exciting to open.