Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catching Up on Trades

So work has been extremely hectic lately. It really sucks sometimes being the boss it means your on call 24/7. Between that and the excitement of opening new products I haven't got to showing off some items I obtained in trades so here it goes.

Trader: The Collective Troll
The first of 3 packages I opened the other day was from The Collective Troll I sent him a bunch of Rays cards recently. In return he sent me some Yanks. A few of them that stuck out at me were Ross Ohlendorf Ginter this is an awsome card and Ross is one of the all-time great guys in Baseball. I'll have to tell you my story of meeting him in the future. There also was a nice bright Bowman Chrome Blue of of Burnett. A mini of Jeter with A&G back can't go wrong there. Also a card of 'Gator' Ron Guidry from 1980 I don't really have to many cards from before I was born so this is a great add. Thanks again Troll...

Trader: Thoughts and Sox
I sent Adam over at Thoughts for Sox a bunch of cards from the Yankees most hated rivals the Red Sox. He sent me great additions to my Yankees collection. Including Top prospect Dellin Betances. Also included a Topps 206 Mini Peidmont of all time great closer MO. A Die-cut Cano don't ya know you can't go wrong with that. Thanks Adam look forward to a good battle in the east this summer.

Trader: “é rayhahn, rayhahn”
I exchanged some Twins cards with Rhubarb_Runner in return he sent me a variety pack. Included were some over sized Baseball Talk collection. Seen this before but never had them in my hand they look really cool. I might just have to find a player on ebay so I can listen to these beauties. Also included is a coin of the late great Bobby Mercer. He included cards from the 1970s all the way up to 2010 a 40 year range of cards amazing. One of my favorites is a 1971 Mel Stottlemyer it bring back memories of meeting him well he was the pitching coach of the Astros back in 95. He is one of my Moms favorite player after Thurman Munson. Thanks again Rhubarb_Runner.

Ohh yeah and I also got this from David

Ahhh Reggie Bipping!!!!!!!

Sorry for such little detail here I just wanted to get these posted ASAP. More box breaks comming soon. 2 Boxes of 2010 Upper Deck & 2 Boxes 2010 Topps Jumbo en route.....


  1. Mister Scott,
    Glad there was something ya needed! Like I said in the note, I STILL OWE YA and will pay you back as soon as I can track down some sweet Hughes cards... Looking forward to your rip of 2010 Upper Deck...

  2. Yeah, sorry I didn't have more (Yankees, not Reggies!), but I had a feeling that that bunch had several you didn't have yet. I'll keep a special pile with your name on it for any new Yankees coming in.