Monday, February 15, 2010

To Redeem or Not Redeem that is the Question

I have 33 of the Million Cards Giveaway. I redeemed 3 of them so far.

Card 1: Teddy Higuera 1990
Teddy Higuera / Pitcher / Milwaukee Brewers
Card ID Number: 15 Teddy Higuera 1990
Verdict: Crapola

Card 2: 1964 Rookie Stars Card 1964
1964 Rookie Stars Card / / Boston Red Sox
Card ID Number: 459

Verdict: Vintage Red Sox Card of players I've never heard of Yikes

Card 3: Denard Span 2009
Denard Span / Outfield / Minnesota Twins
Card ID Number: 212

Verdict: Crappy card I already have 3 of from last year ugggg

What should I do with other 30 cards take the poll on right hand side of my page.


  1. see over at my place, I only redeemed the three I had and came up silver, not gold, but silver...I am thinking that if you have 30, you are bound to get a cooler vintage card. (I could be horrifically wrong)

  2. 2009 Denard Span...CR@PPY?!

    well, okay, maybe. Still, when redeemed, will Topps be stamping these cards with any "Million Card Giveaway" identification, or will they just send the card as-is? Because if they ARE doing something to mark the card, I can see a particular Twins' fan who would be interested in it.

  3. I say redeem them, mostly for the reasons the first guy here said. But I think part of my reasoning is that I don't have any redemption cards since I haven't bought any 2010 yet, so I'm living vicariously through the redemptions of others haha.

  4. Ebay. Sell them in a lot. You'll get at least $30 plus.

  5. Well, it depends. If it were me and I redeemed a 1964 card in my first three tries, I'd be redeeming them all. But if you want to make money off of the codes, there's money to be made.

  6. I say send them all to me for a Yankees auto. Just kidding....I didn't have any self-control and redeemed my 13 as fast as I could type.