Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars: 2 Box Break w/ Correlation Issue!

Product: 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars
Boxes: 2
Packs: 20
Cards: 5 per pack + 1 THICK ASS DECOY
Price: $70 per Box (Includes Shipping)

Box 1
Base: 84 (24 Dupes)
Set Completion: 60%
Trophy Winners: 1
Top Prospects: 2
Sign, Sealed & Delivered: 1
USA Star Prospects: 6
USA Flashback Dual Fabrics: 1 (Rick Ankiel)
UD Game Jersey USA: 1 (Andy Wilkins)

Review: Holy correlation problem here way to many dupes in the base cards & box states 4 Signatures or Memorabilia cards per box. Guess what I only got 2. Not to happy here.

Box 2
Base: 79 (0 Dupes)
Set Completion: 79%
Signatures Skills: 1
Top Prospects: 3
Sign, Sealed & Delivered: 1
USA Star Prospects: 5
UD Game Jersey USA: 1 (Karsten Whitson & Gerrit Cole)
USA Future Watch Auto/Jersey: 1 (Nicky Delmonico #577/899)
USA Prospects Auto/Jersey: 1 (Blake Forsythe #151/399)
Signatures: 1 (Geovany Soto)

Review: I got confused for a second I thought I bought a box of USA baseball. 79% of a set in 1 box without dupes is pretty good.

Overall Review: This is an extremely disappointing product at $70 a box. I would have to say at $35 it would be a push. No where on the box did it state this box will contain a crap load of Team USA cards. If I wanted Team USA cards I would have bought that product. In addition out of the 11 USA Star Prospects pulled 3 were doubles. I was also shocked not to pull a single platinum variation I buy & usually like most Upper Deck product is a major bummer. I don't even really care that the card have no MLB Logo......

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