Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Update + Trade with Bud @ First Day Issue

I must apologize for the delays between posting. Work & Wife have been very demanding lately. My wife thinks I need to cut back from spending all my free time reading/writing blogging & Ebaying so i will probably bring the post down to twice but will see when she starts coaches softball in the spring so she won't be home when I get home from work. I just need to make sure my cards are just neatly put away.

As for the trade I completed an amazing trade with Bud over at First Day Issue. He sent me some amazing Yankees cards in return I sent him Griffey cards he needed + huge load of M's cards. In return he sent me a nice lot of Auto, Bat & Jersey cards. My favorite of the group is the Roger Clemens Game Used Baseball with part of the WS logo. Also the Soriano Patch was pretty sweet I wish he was still with the Yankees playing a corner outfield position. Please check out Bud if you get a chance.


  1. PLEASE! TAKE HIM BACK! Sorry-ano is terrible and the worst part is that he'll be in left for the Cubs until he's in a wheelchair (which he should be now seeing is he can't steel more then 20 bases a season) And please don't get me started on his defense...