Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Disappoinment! Not Really

When I was growing up every year in my stocking I'd find about 5 packs of Baseball cards and boy was I excited. About 4 years ago this stopped it was very disappointing. So this year I took it upon myself I purchased myself 2 boxes of 2009 Bowman Draft to be disappointed as Yankee fan. Now your thinking how can any Yankee fan be disappointed your team just won the World Series. Well as I ripped these boxes I noticed something that was missing and it was that interlocking NY. I'm very disappointed in Topps they didn't include a single Yankee in this set (Jeter & Bernie are in WBC Uniforms). The Yankees signed 29 of the players the drafted in this years draft they couldn't include one? They should know Yankees are the most collected team. I guess to steer away from utter disaster I pulled a Aflac Auto of Donovan Tate so I can't be to disappointed. You can check out my full review of the 2009 Bowman Draft Break @ On Card Autos as for Christmas presents that wasn't a disaster also my parents are paying for plane tickets for me and my wife to fly out Vegas for 3 Days and then head over to Arizona to take in some spring training games at the end of March.

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