Friday, December 11, 2009

Collecting a Player: Phil Hughes

Over the years I have collected a few different players more heavily then others. When I was growing up it started with Willie Randolph then moved onto Don Mattingly as these players retired I started to focus on Derek Jeter but by the early 2000's I was priced out buying scarce Jeter cards. When I went away to college I left the hobby for 2 years. When I returned in 2005 I started to think let me start with a minor league Yankee who's cards were of reasonable price. That ended up being Brent Cox. He missed the whole 2007 season with injuries and has been side tracked ever since with 2007 Bowman signs of the future being his last card.

At the end of the 2006 season I started following a player by the name of Phil Hughes at this time he was one of the games top prospects and his cards were through the roof. So I had a few cards of his base cards. In 2007 the Yankees had some injuries with there pitching staff and called upon Hughes to pitch April 26th. Once I heard he was going to pitch that game I said I had to be there so me & my friend Mike got tickets on Stub Hub and saw his debut from the upper deck. He didn't pitch overly spectacular but I knew I need to follow this player. His cards have taken a dip in price and I have taken full advantage. I currently have 165 of his cards and counting everyday some of them as low as 1 of 1. You will be seeing a lot of Phil Hughes cards right here on my blog so stay tuned.


  1. I sent out my cards to you today. I wish I knew who else you collected because I woulda sent more. My package feels so inadequate compared to what you sent me. :(

  2. Hughes is a great player to collect, in my opinion the next Mariano Rivera, well, next closer after him. Don't think he'll be as good as Mo but he looks great in the bullpen.

    Great job with the new blog! Drew