Monday, December 21, 2009

EBAY Pickups - Building My Phil Hughes Collection

Made some nice purchases of Ebay recently to help build my collection.

Card: 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Jersey Autograph Red #113 Phil Hughes #24/25
Price $14.50
Great addition to my heroes collection I currently have 8 I feel this was decent price and haven't seen this one listed recently.

Card: 2007 UD Black Triptych Triple Autographs Gold Spectrum #HMP Phil Hughes/ Andrew Miller/ Glen Perkins #5/5
Price: $22.25
Amazing find I was willing to go up to $30 on this I think it was a steal @ $22. I don't think I'll ever see another of these again.

Card: 2007 Sweet Spot #135 Phil Hughes AU SP
Price: $16.50
I might have overpaid for this card as I have been trying to get this card for months I didn't want to pay over $15 but felt that I have bid on this card so many times and lost I had to go for it this time.

The paypal account is kind of empty after these purchases but I hope to fill it up real soon.

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