Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trade with Sooz @ Cardboardproblem

About 2 weeks ago I sent Sooz an email that I had 2 Kevin Kouzmanoff Autos sitting in my collection 2007 Exquisite Rookie Sigs Imagery Autos Gold #KK2 #07/10 & 2007 Exquisite Rookie Heroes Auto Gold #KK1 #05/15. I picked up these 2 cards in a lot of 20 Autos about 1 1/2 years ago. I had considered putting them up on Ebay but found they had little value. So I was extremely happy when I found a great home for them. So I sent those over to Sooz and in return she sent me a list of Phil Hughes card that she had. After looking over the list I found 6 that I needed and a deal was done. Thanks for the trade Sooz don't forget to take a look at her blog its really great. You can check a scan f the cards she sent me below. If you have any Phil Hughes cards your looking to trade that I need let me know & we can work out a deal.

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