Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trade with Play at the Plate

A few weeks I sent Play at the Plate an email that I had a bunch of Rangers cards I was looking to unload. He said he was interested in them so I sent him the cards. On Christmas Eve I received a package back from Play at the Plate and boy was I amazed. The card I was the most excited about may shock you it was a 1996 Leaf Signature Extended Autographs #140 Jeff Nelson. I never really new this card existed I always wanted a Auto from the 1996 Leaf set and always went after the Andy Pettite which was way out of my price range. Jeff played a major part in the Yankees winning 4 world series titles in 5 years. I was lucky enough to meet Nelson at the 2008 All-Star Fan Fest and got him to sign a ball. Also included in the pack was Phil Hughes jersey card #/75 that I needed & many more amazing cards. If you haven't already checked out Play at the Plate please do.

If you collect a team please let me know I have about 15,000 doubles I need to unload with 90% of them coming from 2006-2009. Some teams I have over 800 cards of. I'd be willing to work a deal out to liquidate some of those cards in your favor.


  1. Nice trade! Play at the Plate IS one of the best traders out there-thats why he is up for the Award for Blogger Trader of the Year! If you have any Tampa Bay Rays you need to unload please drop me a line at
    bacontowne at yahoooo dot com. Cheers and Happy Boxing Day!
    word verification=assrot-seriously!

  2. Scott....i'd be interested in whatever you have of the Astros.

    I have a decent sized lot of Yankees to swap (nowhere near 800, but we can work something out).

    anicolausk at yahoo dot com

  3. i would welcome any dodgers that you have for trade. let me know.

    gcrl at comcast dot net