Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final 9 of 2009!!!

Check out the My Favorite 9 pulls of 2009!!! Let me know how I did!

2009 Topps Finest
Finest Moments Auto
Alex Rodriguez

2009 SPX
Rookie Signatures Redemption
Koji Uehara

2009 SP Authentic
By the Letter
Pablo Sandoval

2007 Sweet Spot Classics
Classic Cuts
Lorne Greene

2009 SP Authentic
By the Letter
Ken Griffey Jr.

2009 Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot Signatures
Derek Jeter

2009 Sweet Spot
Classic Patch
Jim Palmer

2009 Allen & Ginter
Framed Auto
David Wright
(Only 49 Made)

2009 SP Authentic
Derek Jeter

This is an amazing pull as Jeter fan I have heard that there are only 10 of these made.

Let Me know what you think of my pulls in 2009. Happy New Year looking forward to a great 2010 full of many Trades, Box Breaks, Yanks Cards & More


  1. Any time you pull 2 Jeter autos in a year, one only being number 4, you've had a heck of a year. Congrats!

  2. Dude, your top pulls of 2009 blow 95% of my collection out of the water.

    The luck you had with your SP hot box and pulls of the year is fantastic.

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Dang, no wonder you liked your SP authentic box break so much! Nice work!

  4. Impressive to say the least.

    Do you still have that Palmer patch? I will literally give you my left arm for it, and I'm left handed. That's how sweet it is.

  5. Sorry sold it on Ebay back in November for $290