Saturday, January 9, 2010


Product: 2009 Topps Tribute
Boxes: 1
Packs: 6
Cards: 5 per pack
Price: $218 per Box (Includes Shipping)

PACK by Pack Breakdown

Pack 1
Base: Keith Hernandez
Base: David Wright
Base: Ozzie Smith
Blue: Eddie Mathews #188/219
Blue Auto/Bat: Sal Bando #69/75

Cards are extremely glossy fingerprints get on them way to easy. I do like the thickness of the cards. I hate bad mouth Sal Bando since he did win 3 World Series with A's in the 70's but I don't really think he should be included in this product. Also there are some printing blemishes on his and hat. Topps at it again with there shoty work. Pack 1 Gets a D+

Pack 2 (New York State of Mind)
Base: Howard Johnson
Base: Babe Ruth
Base: Don Larsen
Black: Keith Hernandez #43/99
Blue Jersey: Alex Rodriguez #57/75

This was an all New York pack which is nice the Arod card has a little bit of strip showing but after his steroid mess last season his value has been cut in half in the card world. Pack 2 Gets a B-

Pack 3
Base: Rollie Fingers
Base: Adrian Gonzalez
Base: Randy Johnson
Blue: Don Zimmer #195/219
Dual Jersey: David Wright #71/99

Nice dual David Wright card would have been better with auto but I'll have to live. I think David Wright is the player I hit most with when ripping packs. Rollie Fingers card is cool I met Fingers at the 2008 All-Star Fan Fest in NYC got his auto might have to show it off sometime. Pack 3 Gets a B-

(Scary halfway thru and nothing overly satisfying)

Pack 4
Base: Jim Palmer
Base: Lou Gehrig
Base: Matt LaPorta
Gold: Jimmie Foxx #15/50
Black Auto Bat: Andre Dawson #12/50

So I pulled the newly elected Hall of Famer. I also met Dawson like Fingers @ the Fan Fest. That's a pretty nice card. 2 cards #/50 in this box this one takes the lead. Pack 4 Gets a B+

Pack 5
Base: Dustin Pedroia
Base: Thurman Munson
Base: Darryl Strawberry
Black: Bo Jackson #15/99
Auto Jersey: Jonny Podres #35/99

Nice Jersey Auto of Podres with the old school relic. Also pulled a decent #/d card of Bo who does know baseball. Pack 5 Gets a C+

Pack 6
Base: Paul Molitor
Base: Ichiro
Base: Halladay
Blue: Matt Laporta #113/219
Dual Jersey Black #12/50: Ryan Howard

Nothing that blows my mind. Pack 6 gets a C+

Overall I'd give this box a C. This product is not a $218 a box product I'd say at $140 this would be a good deal. Going to put all the hits on Ebay so I can recoup my money and break a box of Bowman sterling in hopes of doing better.

Have a Great Night


  1. I wrote a post on this product.

    With the price per box over $200 and the checklist, it just isn't worth it it bust anything.

    If you can tolerate the design (looks like Bowman Sterling) you are best served just buying singles and getting more for your money.

  2. Thanks for the box break. It's a lot of money and something I can't personally afford.