Friday, January 15, 2010

Houston we Have a Problem + Ebay Pickups + A Trade

So my plan was to sell off all my hits from my Tribute break and buy a box of Bowman Sterling box but the sale was a major disappointment. Total sale for all the hits minus the Bando that I'm hoping to have Topps replace was $78. I was a little shocked I was expecting it to bring in more like $150. The biggest shocker was that the Dawson Auto #/50 sold for under $14. So there goes the idea of buying sterling as the pay pal account is pretty low. The plan is to sell off a few more cards I have left over from other box breaks and buy 1 Jumbo & 1 Hobby 2010 Topps and do a comparison when they first hit shelves.

Picked up a few cards on Ebay this week 2 Yankees from Unique #/1199 and I added a 2008 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor David Robertson #10/25 for under $9 with shipping I had been searching for this card for sometime so this was pretty exciting to get into my hands.

I also completed a nice trade with It's Like Having My Own Card Shop I sent them over a 2 Brandon Webb #/d cards in exchange they sent me 2005 Topps Retired Signatures Roy White. Its really nice card so thanks again.

This maybe my only post of the weekend as I head this afternoon to Atlantic City to do some gambling. If I win big I may buy a box of Sterling so lets hope.

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