Sunday, January 31, 2010

Major Additions to my Phil Hughes Collection

Last week I received in the mail a few packages from purchases I made on Ebay the week before.

Card: 2007 Sweet Spot
Version: Brown Glove Black Ink
Numbered: 05/25
This card had evaded me in the past because it has sold for in the high 30's and was not willing to go that high. Ended up getting for $23 with shipping

Card:2008 Ultimate Collection
Version: Jumbo Jersey Auto
Numbered: 23/25
I had bid on this card a bunch of times in the past with no success. This time I found a seller who had it listed with a best offer. I got him to go from $60 all the way to $30 pretty happy with that.

Card:2008 Topps
Version: Final Season Patch
Numbered: 091/100
Hadn't seen this card listed before so I went for it and got it for $18.

Last but not least a ticket from Phil Hughes Major League Debut 4/26/2007. I have wanted this for awhile I attended the game after purchasing tickets off stub hub but they were paper tickets. I had always wanted a hard copy. I'm thinking of mailing it to him to have him sign it or try to meet up with him if he is back in AAA.

Results of the Giveaway will be announced soon.... Stay Tuned

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