Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Topps: On Target?

So my plan was to get the 2500 or so 2009 cards I had away before the 2010 cards were released next week. But I was thrown for a loop. I started seeing people posting about Target carrying 2010 Topps early. I find this extremely absurd why release retail before Hobby. I feel that the hobby collectors are the main purchasers of their products so its only fair to let them get them first. The value of these cards will drop some what with Target releasing before hobby. Thanks Topps you really deserve sole licensing. NOT!

Well yesterday I worked a 15 hour day but I did take 30mins out of my day to go to Target and grab 20 packs. I remember when I was a kid growing up the end of November was my favorite time because that when next years release was coming out and you wanted to see next years design. So I had to get my hands on a few packs. They probably had 50 or so packs but they were hidden they were stacked on some short shelf out of there box.The game plan is still to open a box of Hobby and & Jumbo when they are released and compare the 2. Here is the review for the Target packs they sell for $1.99 for 12 cards.


First thing I notice about the base cards are that the logos are way to big they make the cards childish. The photography on these cards are hit or miss the Ohlendorf looks cool but the Johnson & Mauer don't look great from that angle if the photo was from different angle it would be much better who wants to see someones back? Franchise history is hit or miss I love the A's one the Yankees one not as much.

SP Variation

I may seem weird but I like variation they give the packs a little more added value. I will only collect the Yankee ones and sell off the rest to put towards more packs.

Peak Performance

In retail jersey cards come 1:145 packs so I think I did pretty well pulling 1 out of 20 packs. The only disappointment is I can't see Youks beautiful face. NOT! No its that the card is Kevin Youkilis probably my least favorite player in baseball. Off to Ebay it goes...

1951 Red Back

I like these but this would be a tough set to put together because I don't plan on buying to many more packs from Target and individually on ebay there gonna go for dollar or 2. I'll just get the Yankees.

Million Card Giveaway

I like that all these cards aren't the same with codes on the back. For now I plan on selling these to take advantage of the high resell. When I buy my few boxes I'll redeem a few and see how I do.

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out

I don't like these cards one bit because guess what my mom never threw out my cards. So I still have 4 of the 6 cards I pulled. 1 of the 6 had its original back. I wonder if this is more valuable? Did anyone throw out your Longoria from last years set?

Legendary Lineage

I really only like the ones where the players are from the same team. I do like the design also.

The Staples
(Turkey Red & Topps Gold)

The Turkey Red look great as usual. As for the Gold they are slowly losing something. I remember when they were first coming out they seemed to be embossed gold not just printed gold. Those were much better. But still I like both these inserts. Players pulled not so much on the Gold side.

Rest of the Junk

(History of the Game, When They were Young, Tales of the Game, ToppsTown, Peak Performers)

These inserts were just added junk they should have never made this product. Who cares about when they young what a bunch of crap.

I'll rate this B- product

-To Many Inserts
-Bad photography
-Watered down Gold
-Large logos

-Great Mix of Players
-Million Card Giveaway
-Sp Variations
- Great Photography

Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


  1. I haven't seen the cards in person yet, but I think the base cards are decent based on the scans I've seen.

    I agree that there are too many inserts, but I like the "When They Were Young" cards. It's a different idea, and it has an actual theme.

  2. I am a bit confused why retail is floating around out there myself. Seems that unless I crawl under a rock, I stand a good chance of seeing most cards before my boxes even arrive.

  3. I agree with Paul, I really like the "When They Were Young" cards. It's something different.

  4. Is Target doing any sort of Blaster Box deal like they did with the patches last year? I normally hate Blaster Boxes, but those patches were ridiculously awesome.

  5. I'm not sure if Target or Walmart is doing it but one of them should found some on ebay