Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trade with Chris @ On Card Autos

I recently sent Chris over @ On Card Autos a bunch of Cubs cards. In return he sent me over 100 Yankees cards Whoo Hooo. Included were 3 Jersey cards & 1 Bat card. The one that really stuck out at me was 2001 Fleer El Duque Bat card. Its a nice design but I don't think this bat ever hit a ball in 2000 when I would think this bat is from he was 0 for 9. Bat cards of pitchers are really strange to me but its a Yankee card I needed so I love it.

Some of the base cards I enjoyed were the 2009 Topps Black Wal-Mart version cards. I didn't pickup many of these since I can't stand Wal-Mart and all the trashy people that shop there & work there. So they were a nice addition to the collection. Also included were 2 1984 Topps cards I don't really have many Yankee cards before I started collecting as a kid in 1986. Also check out the Bubba Crosby card he signing balls for 2 little girls I wonder if those girl even know there on that card.

I want to thank Chris again for his wonderful package. Please check him out at @ On Card Autos. He is great guy and I have done some breaks for his blog. Oh by the way he's a huge Nomar Garciaparra so if you have anything you want to trade of his Chris is the guy.

As I have said before If you collect a team please let me know I have about 15,000 doubles I need to unload with 90% of them coming from 2006-2009. Some teams I have over 800 cards of. I'd be willing to work a deal out to liquidate some of those cards in your favor.

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  1. glad you liked them. Expect a post on the package you sent me this weekend after I announce the winner ofthe name my mailday contest. Thanks again