Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Scott's Wax Pack Giveaway 1987-1994

During the late 80's & early 90's I was collecting like crazy. I loved taking trips shopping with my parents to Caldors & Woolworth knowing that $5 would get me a bunch of packs. It was a sad time in the late 90's when both these store went under.

Well recently I was looking around my parents basement where I keep 90% of my collection and I came upon a box of about 30 unopened packs from 1987-1994. I currently have most of the cards that are inside these packs the main reason I didn't open in them. So I thought lets have a contest and give them away. There are 12 packs listed below please leave a comment on which pack you'd like me to send you and why. It could be your searching for certain card from this pack, It brings back memories or you never opened this pack before, ect. I will randomly select one blogger and I will send them the pack of there choice + 2 packs of my choice so lets have fun with this let the comments begin.

(From Top Left to Bottom Right)
1987 Topps - 17 Cards
1988 Topps - 15 Cards
1989 Topps - 15 Cards
1990 Fleer - 15 Cards & 1 Sticker
1990 Donruss - 16 Cards & 3 Puzzle Pieces
1992 Fleer - 17 Cards
1992 Topps 15 Cards
1992 Stadium Club - Cards
1992 Leaf - 15 Cards
1992 Ultra - 14 Cards
1992 Donruss - 15 Cards & 3 Puzzle Pieces
1994 Fleer - 21 Cards

Contest Ends Sunday @ 5pm / Also stay tuned in the upcoming days Box Breaks of 2009 Ultimate & 2010 Topps Hobby + Some major Addition to my Phil Hughes Collection.


  1. 1994 Fleer.

    I love this set, but since it was from my crazy pack opening and trading everything for Griffey days, I hardly have any left. Fleer was my all time favorite brand, and '94 was one of, if not the best year ever. Plus, it's from THE YEAR. You know what happened in 1994...let's Major League Baseball learned from it and it will never happen again.

  2. 1989 Topps. I took a camping trip to Cooperstown with my family that year and being a baseball town and all there were naturally card shops. I remember buying packs of Topps with my dad and opening them in the store together. Those are to the best of my recollection the only packs that my parents ever bought for me, they never discouraged my collecting obsession they just wanted me to appreciate my cards by having me invest my own money into them. So 1989 Topps for the memories.

  3. Great contest! I love the memories that old wax brings back... I think of all the allowance I spent on those over the years... I sent you a package earlier today. Take care!

  4. I would say 1992 Leaf.... i remember hitting up the card shop but Leaf's price was really high and i never had enough money to buy a pack... I always stuck to Topps... Great Giveaway, best of luck to everyone!!

  5. 1987 Topps is the first set that I really remember collecting. Opening a pack would really take me back.
    Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

  6. I love the stadium club, the pohots are wonderfull but the main reason I like them is for the back of the card, I like not only the design of it, but the fact that every card shows a picture of that players official rookie card, something I think is pretty awesome...On the other hand I have a soft spot for 1992 Donruss, Ive always liked the look of those cards and, next to 1994 sportflics, consider it my favorite junk wax era set.

  7. 1992 Topps

    1989 Topps is tempting because I need 4 more cards to complete the set, but I don't like those odds haha. But wow...that Caldor's reference really takes me back. What an excellent, excellent store.