Monday, January 11, 2010

The Day I Met Mr. Steroid

So today Mark David McGwire finally admitted what the world has known for many years. I have to say when I was growing up I loved the Yankees but in the late 80's & early 90's the other team I followed was Oakland A's. The reason for this was because they had the Bash Brothers. Who doesn't love the Home Run. Once Canseco left in 1992 they weren't the same so I never really overly followed them again. My favorite card of McGwire's is the 1991 Fleer Insert Pro Vision. It just looks so patriotic. Its a shame he had to use steroids but boy were those 1998 & 1999 seasons exciting. On August 9, 2001 I traveled up to Montreal on a family trip to see the Expos play the Cardinals. As I have done at many other stadiums across this great country I waited by the dugout for Autographs and out pops McGwire everyone is screaming and getting excited he comes over starts signing in my area. When he get to me I hand a OML Baseball and try to hand him a ball point pen. I asked him to sign the Sweet Spot. Instead he signs the side the ball with a sharpie. 9 years later its extremely faded and after looking at Autos people paid for my freebee doesn't look so great. He just shorthanded the Auto because I wasn't a paying customer. Is this right? It put a sour taste in my mouth so I kind of lost interest in him. It still sits in my collection. Just another story to tell my kids one day that I met Mr. Steroid. I wish him luck in his new endeavors.

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  1. A few years back I had a chance to meet Zach Randolph and have his auto. I bought one of those mini-basketballs with a Blazer logo and intended to raffle it off to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. When it was my turn to meet him, I told him this story and asked him to sign underneath the Blazer logo on the front of the ball. What does the dope do? Signs the back of the ball. Thanks ZBo.